Each person on the horizon
Each person on the horizon
2018 • • 1 Seasons
0/5 • 0 / 10 IMDb

Each person on the horizon (Rerun) Each person on the horizon (Rerun) full storyfull storyChannel 3 drama songChannel 3 drama song Play EP.1 Part 1 Lakhon Khifa Chanika, Thai student in America Her family was not very wealthy. But Chanika is a social girl. like to party With a beautiful face that makes it a point of interest She has a roommate named Sansanee, which Sansanee secretly hates Chanika deeply because she thinks that Chanika likes to be beautiful and intimidates her friends. crow Chanika had to fly back to Thailand urgently. because there is bad news from Thailand that Her father ruptured a stroke in the ICU. The reason is because it is about to go bankrupt. and the house will be confiscated Chanika asked Phathanin to help. But Phathanin just shared the money with a friend to open a company. Unable to bring the money out, Chanika was very angry. The two of them had a big fight.

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