Devil's Fire
Devil's Fire
2021 • • 1 Seasons • THAI DRAMAFULL THAI DRAMA
0/5 • 0 / 10 IMDb

The story of "Kaew" ( Sophie-Apsarasiri Intarakusin ), a young girl born from a slum community, poor status, with a grandmother addicted to gambling. The mother was in prison. because of the murder case, which that person was the "stepfather", the mother's new husband who tried to rape her She grew up from bullying and slapping from her grandmother. If you can't get the money Grandma wants she struggles Earn money to pay for yourself to study and support the family She does everything to make money. since the waitress children handing out flyers even dancing coyote Kaew's life besides mother and grandmother, Kaew also has "Jette" (Mark-Apiwit Jaktree Mongkol), a close male friend who has been secretly in love with her since high school. Advice and help her keep as far as possible and "Girl" (rice - Dark Dancer. Thachiramongkolkit),

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