Pink persimmon
Pink persimmon
2020 • • 1 Seasons • THAI DRAMAFULL THAI DRAMA
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Plubplungchompoo Witsarut Marupong (Andrew Gregson), owner of Greenery Homestay, found a footprint in the ground beside the koplapplung in front of the entrance of the house. When he opened his eyes, he saw a woman with a grumpy face snuggled up in a deep sleep. So he roused him into the house with pity and understood that he was a homeless child. without knowing that she is Sarocha Soonthornkasem (Ameena Kool), heir to the billionaire who recently returned from abroad but was seduced by a thief in a taxi until he had to flee in the middle of the rain All night hid under a large palm tree Sarocha did not tell Visarut who he was. Let Wisarut name her Plub Plung. Witsarut let Plubplung live with him as a new worker. Sarocha is excited about the homestay atmosphere that has both the canal-side atmosphere. organic vegetable garden and good-natured people Here, besides Mr. Wisarut,

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